Also, I haven even studied for my ASVAB yet and he is pushing

By the end of this January, it had only 1,400 stores left, all in the United States. The company still has 140,000 employees, but that too is down sharply from the 355,000 it had in 2006.Even that doesn’t tell the full picture of the decline.Sears was once the nation’s largest retailer and business employer. Long before the ascendance of Walmart (WMT), and decades before Amazon (AMZN) was even born, the Sears catalog was how many Americans learned to shop from home for a large variety of items they wanted.It developed an extensive store network, helping furnish homes as Americans moved to the suburbs after World War II and causing trouble for small, locally owned shops.Related: Sears sells CraftsmanThe company at one time grew to include not just the retail business but a bank, a brokerage, a real estate company and what was then the world’s tallest building, the Sears Tower, for its Chicago headquarters.Kmart had a proud tradition of its own as one of the first major discount chains.Its history, like that of Sears, stretches to the late 19th century.

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