Below I have a list of foods that is rich in omega 3 fatty

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Bags Chloe Replica Mum eats like Gwyneth Paltrow for a week and gives her verdict and weight lossCan real people actually follow such a Hollywood lifestyle and does it really do you any good?17:08, 9 AUG 2017Updated11:29, 10 AUG 2017Sally Whittle and her daughter Flea changed their eating routine in the style of the Hollywood actress for a week (Image: Sally Whyttle) Get daily updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailActress Gwyneth Paltrow has re invented herself as a health guru.But can real people actually follow such a Hollywood lifestyle and does it really do you any good?Gwyneth’s cookery book, It’s All Easy, promises super simple recipes for busy home cooks.It sounded perfect, so Sally Whittle tested it out.It would be lovely to think I’m Lancashire’s answer to Gwynnie, but actually I’m a fortysomething single mum, working full time in marketing. The closest I get to Hollywood glamour is reading a magazine when I’m waiting for an eye test.So could I really spend a week eating like Gwyneth?Gwyneth Paltrow hosts ticket ‘health and wellbeing’ summit and it sounds completely bonkersSHOP TILL YOU DROP The first step to embracing her diet is a terrifying level of shopping.According to my week’s list, I needed to buy Tamari (low salt soy sauce), Kimchi (a Korean pickled cabbage) and Aioli, which seems to be posh garlic mayo.Gwyneth expects you to have a really well stocked store cupboard, with olive oil, walnut oil, white wine vinegar (organic, naturally) and a dizzying number of spices and herbs.I had to spend on fresh ingredients, and another bringing my store cupboard up to scratch.Gwyneth Paltrow slammed by furious doctor for her ‘GOOP s’ and ‘crackpot theories’BERRY GOOD The next morning, I looked at Gwyneth’s breakfast suggestions. Acai berries might be an amazing superfood, but they look like frog spawn and my daughter is having none of it.We decide to try the Blueberry Granola Parfait Bags Chloe Replica.