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replica handbags store Sometime around the middle of 1968, I was having supper with a new editor, Ed Doctorow, at Dial Press. I’d published a couple of books. «I want this one to be tough,» I told Ed, «sort of a Norman Mailer in Hollywood book.» Mr. Doctorow is witty, really smart. He talked to me like we were buddies; that electric swift exchange I adored with some of my friends. Hard to find this talk with guys. He was as great to be with as my best friend, Johanna Mankiewicz. «So what do we do?» he said, when we finished dinner. «Do we spend the night or do I go home and read your manuscript?» Not easy choice. I thought it over. My husband had disappeared. Kids were with their dad. But I needed to finish this book, needed a great editor. However, he had this charm replica handbags store.