He was partly responsible for making sure I wear

Revenge is a dish best served hot AND cold

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canada goose outlet black friday sale In the 1960s, my dad had a teacher, let’s call him Mr. Porter. My dad was constantly bullied every day of his schooling life, and he was the black canada goose outlet uk sale sheep of his family. I really can’t imagine why though, he’s an incredible guy who always puts his best foot forward in any situation. But Porter took the cake. He was my dad’s teacher in (I think) 4th grade. He had a whole system for how he’d, on a daily basis, treat my dad worse than a place kicker treats a football, but the main rule for this story was that he could only use the bathroom once a day. canada goose outlet black friday sale

canada goose outlet online My dad held it in the best he could every day canada goose outlet , because he didn’t want to know what the punishment was, but one day he had no choice but to find out. goose outlet canada Second time that day he raised his hand and asked Porter «can I go to the bathroom?» And rather than say yes or no or «hold it in», he canada goose outlet in usa made my dad get up to the front of the class and pee his canada goose factory outlet pants. End of the day he gets his dad, my grandfather (who for other reasons is a piece of shit but that’s another story), and went back to the school and they tear Porter a new one. For once, my dad canada goose outlet had people on his side. Other teachers heard him and publicly shamed him into taking some sort of early retirement after the school year. canada goose outlet online

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