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Sense and Sensibility

canada goose outlet canada Posted in jane austen, Jane Austen Novels, Jane Austen’s World,, tagged Domestic drawing and paintin, Regency Life, Regency woman’s work on canada goose outlet uk April 3, 2016When studying a woman role in the Regency era, one truly appreciates the great strides today Western women have made in making personal choices and leading interesting and independent lives. In Jane Austen day, women from all walks of life were constrained by their family, society mores, and unfair laws that prevented all but a blessed handful from the rights to their children or canada goose outlet online owning property. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet in toronto If you watched Regency House Party, goose outlet canada a 2004 reality TV show (Wall to Wall/Channel 4) you would have seen the boredom of the modern young women who reenacted the lives of upper crust Regency women. Overseen by a strict chaperone, their days were indolent, filled with long periods of visiting, reading, walking, sewing, painting lessons, music lessons, dance lessons, meals, naps, and letter writing. canada goose outlet in toronto

Modern women reenact Regency ladies in Regency House Party, 2004.

canada goose outlet store calgary In Regency House Party, the women were forced to follow a prescribed daily schedule, while the men canada goose outlet toronto factory slept late, caroused canada goose outlet online uk late, hunted, fished, played sports, drank and ate and lived their lives on a whim. The modern young women found this unfair. Their days were not only long and boring, but if they broke a minor rule, they were punished and kept to the house. canada goose outlet store calgary

canada goose outlet orlando Gertrude Saville, unhappy spinster, At Home with the Georgians, Amanda Vickery canada goose outlet orlando

The situation was worse for single ladies. The diaries of spinsters are filled with laments unable to work or own property, they depended on the largesse of families. Many were deeply depressed. canada goose outlet nyc I imagine they found some solace in pursuing the arts, as Anne Elliot did when she played the piano for her family, and Cassandra Austen canada goose outlet , when she painted portraits of those she loved. As a wife https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com , a woman had some standing as a head of household and as a mother (if she bore children). Many spinsters rotted deep inside the cores of their beings from lack of direction, affection, and true meaning in their lives.

Even if a woman demonstrated extraordinary talent as an artist, let say, the game was fixed. She would not be allowed to attend life drawing classes at a proper Academy of the Arts, but would be forced to draw the likenesses of statues. If she had the good luck of being the daughter of an open minded artist, then she would learn everything he knew about preparing canvasses, mixing paints, drawing from nature, and other tricks of the trade. This was an exception, however. Willis, 1830 children of the gentry learned from drawing or painting masters either at home or in school. Some were better than others, but the overall effect of their instruction was tepid. Women tended to paint what they knew flowers, gardens, interiors, family scenes of the lives they lived, portraits and self portraits, etc.

canada goose outlet uk sale Rolinda Sharples with her mother, Regency selfie, 1817 canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose outlet toronto Miss (or Mrs.) Willis sits facing her mirror in 3/4 pose (typical of the selfies of the day.) She has placed her flowers, paintbox, water, and paper in front of her. It is obvious she is painting from life. The self portrait is quite accomplished. I rather like it is much as Rolinda Sharple selfie with her mother,Self portrait by Rolinda Sharples, with her mother, Ellen, 1817. Rolinda is well known, I. J. Willis is not. The quote below, made by three clergy men, explains why so many paintings and drawings that countless women in the Georgian, Regency, and Victorian eras made have disappeared: canada goose outlet toronto

a young lady, who has neither eyes, nor ear, is completed to drudge at music and drawing, the result of her labors is discomfort to herself, and annoyance to the friends and strangers who are summoned to witness her proficiency; and whom if they possess canada goose jacket outlet any relish for the fine arts, are embarrassed between their unwillingness to bestow hypocritical praise, and to utter unwelcome truth. Artisan or Artist: A History of the Teaching of Art canada goose outlet in usa and Crafts in English Schools,Gordon Sutton,Elsevier, May 12, 2014,p.33.

Mary Bennet piano canada goose outlet new york city playing can best be described by the above quote, and while one can appreciate that the only portrait painted from life was drawn by her sister Cassandra, by no stretch of the imagination can we term canada goose outlet store the portrait of Jane Austen at the National Gallery in London (Heresy!) The portrait has value only because it was drawn from life and because it is one of a handful that are undeniably of Jane. One wishes it were as good as the portrait of Cassandra niece, Fanny Austen Knight, painting at a table. This watercolor by a woman depicting another woman painting with watercolors is interesting. Fanny needed very little to paint a table, a glass of water, and a box of watercolors. I can quite tell if she is painting from imagination or from a model in front of her. All I know is that, while a few of Cassandra watercolors survived, I have yet to see any of Fanny the inevitable fate for most womens paintings. Few have survived. Cassandra watercolor portrait of Jane Austen is so tiny that I walked past it several times while actively looking for it.

Diana Sperling painting shows the carpet rolled up. One can imagine Anne Elliott playing the pianoforte at this gathering.

canada goose outlet store new york Diana Sperling wonderful watercolors are cherished for their depiction of Regency family life in the country, but her talent, though undeniable, was homegrown and not influenced by rigorous academic training. In this wonderfully descriptive painting, she depicts the family dancing and the carpets rolled up. It is delightful but amateurish, but we don care. These domestic products of a young woman observations are priceless. Diana was probably taught by one of the many drawing or painting masters of the day who taught young ladies the accomplishments canada goose black friday sale of painting and drawing. They could be found in towns like Meryton and in abundance in a town like Bath, where the rising middle class clamored for, well, class. canada goose outlet store new york

canada goose outlet toronto factory Some painting masters were more talented than others, and they could make a decent living if they found a permanent gig. From 1814 1819, David Cox made a respectable living as drawing master at Miss Croucher Academy for Young Ladies. He earned 100 per year for twice weekly lessons, as well as 7 s. 6 d. 10 s. for private lessons. (Gordon Sutton, p. 35). Obviously, Mr. Cox did not become wealthy as a drawing master, and one wonders how often he had to bite his tongue as he taught a class of talentless young ladies. canada goose outlet toronto factory

Romola Garai as Emma at her easel

canada goose outlet los angeles One can tell a great deal about Jane Austen female protagonists through their talents. Emma sheltered but cosseted life is reflected in her artistic abilities. She never needed to overly exert herself to win praise, and so she doesn bother to complete her drawings or paintings. Elinor Dashwood is made of sterner, deeper stuff. Her paintings are accomplished. One imagines that they might even be better than Cassandra Austen paintings, but we never know. I have not had the pleasure of reading Jane Austen critique of her sister work or Elinor for that matter. canada goose outlet los angeles

canada goose outlet london Below, is Jane masterful scene in. Elinor and Marianne Dashwood finally meet the formidable Mrs. Ferrars. All the characters are true to form a despicable Fanny, a haughty Mrs. Ferrars, a hen pecked John Ferrars, a love sick Colonel Brandon, a reticent, self effacing Elinor, a fiery, audacious Marianne, and a kind, clueless Lady Middleton and play a role in the scene. The topic is Elinor painted screens: canada goose outlet london

canada goose vest outlet Before her removing from Norland, Elinor had painted a very pretty pair of screens for her sister in law, which being now just mounted and brought home, ornamented her present drawing room; and these screens catching the eye of John Dashwood on his following the other gentlemen into the room, were officiously handed by him to Colonel Brandon for his admiration. canada goose vest outlet

canada goose outlet store uk are done by my eldest sister, said he; you, as a man of taste, will, I dare say, be pleased with them. I do not know whether you ever happened to see any of her performances before, but she is in general reckoned to draw extremely well. Colonel, though disclaiming all pretensions to connoisseur ship, warmly admired the screens, as he would have done anything painted by Miss Dash wood; and the curiosity of the others being of course excited, they were handed round for general inspection. Mrs. Ferrars, not aware of their being Elinor work, particularly requested to look at them; and after they had received the gratifying testimony of Lady Middleton approbation, Fanny presented them official canada goose outlet to her mother, considerately informing her at the same time that they were done by Miss Dashwood. canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose outlet mall «Hum Mrs. Ferrars very pretty, without regarding them at all, returned them to her daughter. canada goose outlet mall

canada goose outlet washington dc Perhaps Fanny thought for a moment that her mother had been quite rude enough, for, colouring a little, she immediately said, canada goose outlet washington dc

are very pretty, ma they? But then again, the dread of having been too civil, too encouraging herself, probably came over her, for she presently added,

canada goose outlet in canada you not think they are something in Miss Morton style of painting, ma She does paint most delightfully. But she does everything well. could not bear this. She canada goose outlet store uk was already greatly displeased with Mrs. Ferrars; and such ill timed praise of another, at Elinor expense, though she had not any notion of what was principally meant by it, provoked her immediately to say with warmth, canada goose outlet in canada

is admiration of a very particular kind! What is Miss Morton to us? Who knows or who cares for her? It is Elinor of whom we canada goose outlet parka think and speak. so saying, she took the screens out of her sister inlaw hands to admire them herself as they ought to be admired.

Mrs. Ferrars looked exceedingly angry, and drawing herself up more stiffly than ever, pronounced in retort this bitter philippic: Morton is Lord Morton daughter. looked very angry too, and her husband was all in a fright at his sister audacity. canada goose outlet shop Elinor was much more hurt by Marianne warmth, than she had been by what produced it; but Colonel Brandon eyes, as they were fixed on Marianne, declared that he noticed only what was amiable in it; the affectionate heart which could not bear to see a sister slighted in the smallest point.