I have to agree with China, it is time to de USA the global

Suze Orman on the government shutdown

As the debt ceiling deadline rapidly approaches and with the United States entering a third week with the government shut down, on Monday evening Piers Morgan asked Suze Orman to share her trademark brand of financial insight and candid perspective.

Joining the Morgan Live host in studio, Orman admitted to finding the state of affairs in the nation capital to be reprehensible on a historical level:

think what going on in Washington, really, is the biggest cheap moncler coats mens travesty that ever happened to the United States of America. You know, I recently just come back, from Asia, from Malaysia, and cheapmoncler we are the laughing stock now over there. It as if, how the circus going,’ explained the host of CNBC Suze Orman Show. moncler usa sorry that this is happening. This didn need to happen. They had all the time in the world, moncler outlet store knowing that this was coming up. Why do they cheap moncler jackets mens always have to wait to the last minute? it simply shenanigans, Orman described the snowball effect that Americans will face as the shutdown moves forward:

when people are buying a treasury, they going to have to get a higher interest rate, she revealed. rates will have to go up because now there is a discount moncler jackets risk in owning treasuries. Never before, first time ever. When interest rates go up, they go up across the board. If you happen to have an adjustable rate mortgage, on your home, your interest rate going to start to go up. student loans to credit card debt, Orman told the moncler outlet woodbury host that for the average American, moncler outlet online the current financial state of affairs will increase costs in every way, in the process creating a dangerous chain reaction:

all of that happens, the housing market slows down. If this puts us into a recession, businesses stop hiring. We stop expanding. Everything was going so great, Orman described.

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I so totally disagree that Ted Cruz is the problem. Why? First of all the AFC was rammed down the throats of the USA Citizens and is full of PORK and is a total train wreck! And quite frankly the way the AFC is written is going to further strangle the economy and the Middle Class. Maybe what we really need to do is to just let the AFC roll out so that ALL will see the cost to the American Dream. I do not deny ALL Health Insurance should cover Pre existing and that Health Insurance should be a reasonable cost to all! moncler outlet prices We should pay our debts and CUT Spending NOW! President Obama and Harry Reid need to stop playing games with our country and start listening to ALL moncler uk outlet the USA Citizens!

October 15, 2013 at 12:35 am

Here is the biggest problem: It won work. Without an individual mandate new enrollees will primarily be the sick. No insurance plan can be funded this moncler womens jackets way. Think of auto insurance. What if all auto insurers were forced to accept all comers at one price? Who would be the new enrollees? Drunk drivers who would then immediately go out and commit vehicular manslaughter!!! The uninsurable would be the first to sign up and the effect would be the bankruptcy of insurance companies. Compare it to Social Security. What if everyone moncler online store qualified for benefits at age sixty five but enrollment until that age was voluntary? Do you see the problem????

October 16, 2013 uk moncler sale at 8:18 pm

Reality is that President Obama and Harry Reid are the ones playing Political Theater with our country. Obama is using the head game that the Republicans are at fault for the shutdown; and the reality is that it is a game of Smoke and Mirrors. Reasoning is that Obama is trying to obscure that moncler sale online he has illegally sent (paid with our tax money)weapons and assistance to Syria Rebels. The IRS, Benghasi, allowing our communications with others in America to invaded, our First Amendment Rights in Media and personal communications to violated. the true topic should be over all violence! so would you like to compare that? Lol no prob not then your puppet masters would be angry.

October 15, 2013 at 4:34 am

Morgan deserves no respect in anyway. It a mystery why CNN even hired such a low life,and even more of cheap moncler jackets womens a mystery why he still on the air, when Cspan and test patterns beat him in the ratings. Meanwhile, I see a minority of USA politicians affecting my wife retirement income through the DOW. I have to agree with China, it is time to de USA the global economy while the USA repeats the of the Roman moncler sale outlet empire A handful of idiots are holding hostage a majority of wimps and moncler sale you call yourself a global leader! God Bless us all.

October 15, 2013 at 10:08 am

Whether Americans like it or not, the current crisis is splitting the world view of the US. Half the world thinks the US is a laughing stock and the other half are terrified of the consequences of this brinkmanship. If this were a third world country the US would be among those pushing hard and loud to name it a failed state, to set up a government of national unity, to arrest the leading moncler outlet as threats to national security and generally doing everything they could to it back to stability. That will not happen here because more rational heads usually prevail. Unfortunately it is true that most Americans have no voice or control over what happens in Washington. They can only watch as the train wreck that is cheap moncler sale the US government collapses in on itself. The cheap moncler jackets lunatics are in charge of the asylum. There will be none of the above measures on failed state here. Of course not this is a first world country a leader among nations failed state status cannot happen here. Well maybe it can because right now there are a group of elected people who do not accept that this is a democracy where the best moncler jackets voice of the majority HAS to hold sway or uk moncler outlet the whole falls into anarchy.

October 15, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Thank You Sen. Ted Cruz and sarah Palin ( head leaders of the Nazis TEA PARY NETWORK ) for standing in front of the White House with Little cheap moncler jackets Loser Larry ( Im Racist ) Klayman and pledging alledgiance to the Confederate Flag We, all of America know your agenda is moncler outlet sale to crash the Economy, the middle class, and uproot the present government. You are Domestic Terrorist, and will be dealt with as such in 2014 and 2016. Go ahead and crash Americas reputation. We will prevail, and Us,the American people who voted for the present laws that you defy, will see youout of the country or in Prison, where the Tea Party belong.