It also seems to be slightly based on how long the game was

Honor system completely lost it’s purpose

As a mid laner most of my honors go to junglers if they just do SOMETHING. Like if i getting camped and soaking jungle pressure but you snowballing bot or top cool, you get my honor. Or if i laning vs a Yasuo literally humping my turret and you gank him over and over and punish him for it you get my honor.The only time I will not honor my jungler and instead honor someone else is if my jungler literally just powerfarms and does absolutely nothing on the map while the enemy jungler snowballs everything.Had a game the other day where the enemy Xin hit 3 and basically chain ganked all 3 lanes, then continued ganking inbetween clearing while our Graves powerfarmed for literally 12 minutes and didn leave the jungle at all until 12 minutes, where he promptly got 2 shot by moncler outlet online the fed as fuck Draven who got alot of jungle help. So yeah, powerfarmers never get my honor. When designing a system you ideally want to do so with the players wants and needs in mind. It poor practice to design a system around what you want, and then blame the players when their wants don align perfectly with what you want.In this case, I would say it a pretty safe bet that players want to give recognition to both people that carry and that have good sportsmanship. monlcer down jackets The current system allows for both and doesn really attempt to discriminate between which is which. Plus, it also moncler sale feels good when you carry a game and get the symbol next to your name that you were the most honorable on the team.Right now when a game ends, most people first instinct is going to be to give honor to however moncler outlet had the biggest impact on their game. In many cases that will be the person that carried, but it can also be someone that was exceptionally nice, and different people will value those more or less on an individual basis.I don think there anything wrong with that, but if you want to specifically make honor be for good sportsmanship only, you need to still account for the fact that people want to cheap moncler coats give/receive recognition when they carry a game too. In which case you would need to allow people to pick an mvp/sporsmanlike player independently of one another and make sure the system can understand the difference between the two.Either way it almost never really correct to blame players for misusing the system or making bad decisions. People have their own needs and are naturally going to act on those. i seen supports get more honors even when i silently carried the game as talon or something similar.personally I only moncler mens jackets honor people who were team players. if you were cheap moncler jackets just farming all game not helping the team or getting objectives, I won be honoring you even if you have a decent the honor system perfect? no it not, but it not as broken as you make it sound. recently we had a top lane yorick who did terrible in lane, (like 1/8) but he admitted he had a bad game and was never toxic to anyone and was humble. he built tanky, helped us in teamfights (quite a lot actually), and maintained a positive attitude. For example, buy moncler jackets I had plenty of games in Diamond where I ended with a negative score on Shen, but still get multiple moncler outlet sale honours just because I try to be very positive in cheap moncler sale chat, make calls on what we should do, and always try to do what best for the team.However, when I was climbing through Silver and Gold, honours were almost universally given to whoever got the most kills, plus maybe one for cheap moncler outlet the Support.It also seems to be slightly based on how long the game was. If your team stomped then the person who got the most kills is almost bound to get the most honour. Rarely you give it to your silent but resilient support who comes back to your sorry ADC butt even after 0/6.Speak for yourself. Whether a person carried or not has no impact on who I honor. It usually goes to whoever made a game winning or clutch play, or the person moncler sale outlet who remained positive when were were down by several kills. If I can figure out who to honor in a game, I by default give it to the tank or support. If someone carries the game 20/0, but was a toxic shit I report his ass and honor the quiet but dutiful support or toplaner trying their best. I go out of my way to be absurdly pleasant on this game just to counteract the toxic community image and I met some really nice people in the process. Imo, the honor system is working reasonably well, and I gotten several cases where I reported someone for toxicity and get a popup later that they were banned. Honoring someone doesn have to be an obligation and as such, you don have to honor the person who is playing the best. Maybe someone made the game fun for you, maybe someone taught you something new, all these things are eligible for honor because at the end of the day you are the one deciding who to honor.Personally, I could care less about honorable opponent, that just feels like a meme. I keep all chat disabled so in terms of communications, it next to 0 with the opponent. No need to honor someone that I don talk to at all. is garbage. You don need to honor anyone. There are plenty of cheap moncler jackets games where I forgo honoring my team because I don care and nobody deserved it. The honor system isn something that you can farm up and progress towards. It supposed to advance organically, by itself. There is a moncler outlet store reason you can see your honor score.

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