It is possible that netbooks may be so improved upon that

According to CNN’s OECD special advisor on education policy, Andreas Schleicher, only two percent of American students can generalize and use advanced math in creative ways. The highest math performance on the PISA requires not only that students know how to do math, but also that they know when to apply certain mathematical principles. In Shanghai the percentage of students who can conceptualize math skills is over 30 percent. Educators in the Chinese province of Shanghai seem to understand that it’s not exactly about what a person knows, but what that person can do with their knowledge.

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Replica Handbags Currently, netbooks are handicapped by inadequate graphics, poor chipsets, and tiny keyboards. There is no technical reason why these handicaps can’t be removed within the year. The larger question is whether or not the concept of the netbook will survive this onslaught of improvements. It is possible that netbooks may be so improved upon that, by this time next year, the simple, cheap computers available today will seem like classic automobiles, lusted after by purists, but publicly cast aside in favor of 10″ and 12″ netbooks in the $400 Replica Designer Handbags $600 dollar range. Replica Handbags

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