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moncler outlet sale Now that the Obama administration has classified birth control as «preventative» care for women and is requiring that health insurers moncler jacket online cover contraception without any co payment, the anti choice Christian right is in an uproar. Most of the arguments center around the not wanting to pay for drunken slutty behavior (A position endorsed by Bill O’Reilly) but there’s one that’s even more insidious as it underscores one of the main missions of the «pro life» movement which is to ban contraception because in their scheme of things, certain types of birth control cause «abortions.» As Fox News is the mouthpiece for moncler jackets outlet Christian right, it wasn’t surprising to see the only anchor baby that Fox News approves of, Michelle Malkin, articulate, on Monday’s «America Live,» the talking points for those who believe that «every sperm is sacred.» (Monty Python’s «Meaning of Life» great movie). It also wasn’t surprising that alleged «news» anchor and graduate of the right wing Christian Liberty University, Shannon Bream, not only agreed with Malkin but provided even more anti choice talking womens moncler jackets points moncler outlet sale.