Not painted or anything, just boxes

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Fake Designer Bags Ignatius: So perhaps I could ask you about some of the ways to carry out President Obama’s message to the Supreme Leader, delivered through Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, to take his fatwa forbidding nuclear weapons and find ways to demonstrate that it is being followed. In trying to see how you would have a system with that [the Iranian fatwa foreswearing nuclear weapons] as its first principle, Sayed Hosain Mousavian, a former member of the Iranian negotiating team, has suggested what he calls a «zero stockpile approach.» The idea would be that while Iran as a signatory of the NPT had a right to enrich, every time Iran reached a level of enriched uranium that met its civilian needs, that fuel would be converted into fuel plates or rods, and any excess would exported. Does that idea seem to you like a useful one for addressing these issues?» Fake Designer Bags.