The deadlineto submit the nomination packages each year is May

But while Lightbringer may be the key to Westerosi salvation, there a twist to the story. In the legend of Azor Ahai, the warrior was forced to stab his wife with Lightbringer in order to impart the blade with its full power. So if Jon and Dany do get married, one of them may end up having to sacrifice the other in order to fulfill their destiny and prevent the end of humanity..

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canadian goose jacket In the Faculty of Mathematics, our faculty members are supported by the Associate Dean canada goose outlet woodbury of Research, whofacilitates opportunities for ourexperts toadvance theirresearch and career.The Faculty of Mathematics Golden Jubilee Research Excellence AwardThisawardprovides$2,500 for one or two earlyor mid career faculty membersin the Faculty of Mathematics.The award may be based on a body of work developed over the past 5 years, or for a single influential paper published in the past 5 years, measuring the quality, quantity and impact of the work.Nominee should be earlyor mid career faculty.Members of the Math Research Excellence Awardcommittee are ineligible.Chairs/Director, Associate Deans, and the Dean are ineligible while holding their administrative positions.Winnerswould not be eligible for the next 4 competitions. Researchers who have had release time for the purpose of research (for example, Steacie and Killam winners) would not be eligible until 2 years canada goose outlet belgium later after their term has ended.Nomination and selection process:The unit Chair/Director or delegate are to nominate people for the award and there is a limit of one nominee per department/school. The deadlineto submit the nomination packages each year is May 17 (if the deadline falls on the weekend, then the deadline is automatically extended to thenext business day).The nomination packagemust include:Aletter of nomination (limited totwo pages) indicating the candidate’s career stage and a discussion, as appropriate, of candidate’s research achievement in relation to peers at the same career canada goose outlet vip stage; quantity and quality of contributions; leadership in research community; research impact in (or outside) of discipline; awards received; etc.The candidate’s full CV.Therecipient of the awardis selected by the Faculty of MathematicsResearch Excellence Award AdjudicationCommitteein November and an canada goose outlet in vancouver announcement to follow in December.The Faculty of Mathematics owes much of its reputation and stature to the quality of its eminent professors canadian goose jacket.