The Met Office’s Helen Roberts said: «It is looking quieter

Autumn storms are created by the difference in temperature between cold air near the poles and warm air in the tropics being at its greatest at this time of year.»Today the clean up began after Storm Brian blasted Southern and Western areas with gale force winds on Saturday.A couple were recovering in hospital after the storm brought a tree crashing down on their car in Street, Hants.Fire crews cut the pair free on Saturday afternoon and the man and woman were kept in hospital for observation.Terrifying moment plane is buffeted by 70mph Storm Brian winds as it tries to land at Birmingham AirportCalmer conditions will follow in the coming days, with temperatures expected to hit a balmy 21C by the end of the week 10C higher than average for late October.The Met Office’s Helen Roberts said: «It is looking quieter than last week and on Monday many places could see sunshine and brightness.

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