While Keys is hopeful that the Kickstarter campaign will be

The 22 year old is currently an intern at LemLem, the sustainable fashion line founded by supermodelLiya Kebede but it’s unpaid.While Keys is hopeful that the Kickstarter campaign will be funded, she’s focused on creating a thought provoking collection for her thesis that will propel her career beyond the walls of Parsons. She’s calling this collection»Light Year» a six to 10 piece line inspired by light, Afrofuturismand technology.If funding this inventive project isn’t enough of a hurdle, Keys is also an African American woman, who upon completion of her degree will enter into a world of fashion that isinfamous for its lack of diversity. At the moment, Tracy Reese and Olivier Rousteing, the creative director at Balmain, are the only black fashion designers with much brand recognition and even then they aren’t household names like Donna Karan or Ralph Lauren.

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