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Fake Designer Bags Shortly after, its ride sharing rival Lyft announced a similar policy, joining Microsoft, the first major company to ban the practice back in December.Congress could make all companies follow best replica designer bags suit and allow individuals to take sexual harassment cases against employers to court. In December, Rep. Cheri Bustos (D Ill.) and Sen.The legislation boasted a bipartisan group of co sponsors, and it had a boost from former Fox News host high replica bags Gretchen Carlson, whose contract contained a high quality designer replica forced arbitration clause when she leveled sexual harassment claims against executives at the cable news giant.In a Tuesday statement, Bustos heralded Uber’s decision as «proof that our movement is making a difference.» She renewed her calls for Republican leaders to move forward on the bills, accusing them of «being lobbied aggressively by special interests who are on the wrong buy replica bags side of history.»Among the several businesses and groups that have reported lobbying activity on the legislation, Microsoft is the only company topublicly back the bills,after the company’s president met with Sen.During a press conference introducing the legislation in December, Graham called on business leaders and groups like chambers of commerce to lend their support, arguing that it was good for their interests.When asked about its lobbying, the National Retail Federation said it has been «working to educate members of Congress on how arbitration agreements serve the interests of both workers replica designer bags and employers bag replica high quality by avoiding lengthy, costly litigation and ensuring a fair and fast process for resolving workplace disputes,» according to a statement from Lizzy Simmons, NRF’s vice president for government relations Fake Designer Bags.