This is such an awful idea from CCP

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1 point submitted 5 days agoI did discount moncler jackets rough napkin math earlier. If we assume an average of a moncler outlet store 45% variance band (which is halfway between the mentioned 20% to 40% range for PG that Rise mentions, and one that half that, 10% to 20% or vice versa), and we assume that, on average, the uk moncler sale top (or bottom) 7% of that range is «good», then you have roughly a 1 in 11000 chance of a 5 stat item rolling «good» in all 5 stats.But then, moncler outlet sale that assuming you need all 5 stats to be «good». In the MWD example, simply not having an increase in PG or CPU would probably be sufficient to be «good» if paired with a speed increase and cap usage decrease. The sig radius bloom is cheap moncler jackets womens also far less relevant. So for the MWD, you have two stats with a narrow band of «good», two stats with a 1/3 to 1/2 band of «good», and one stats that doesn matter at all. That gives a far more reasonable ratio of 1 in 375.In other words, there something like a 1 in 400 chance of your MWD mutation resulting cheap moncler jackets in one with equal or reduced fitting requirements and near top benefit speed and capacitor usage stats.However, it not even that I think this is going to make certain modules overpowered or anything, it how the fuck is CCP going to balance things after this comes out? Everyone was so pleased when CCP started making little moncler sale changes, like 10m/s on the Tristan, but those little changes are completely fucking inconsequential now if you can just reroll your AB to give you that speed bonus back.This is such an awful idea from CCP, I really hope we see cheap moncler coats mens serious changes to it. Yet we said the same thing about citadels cheap moncler sale years ago, and here we still are. 1 point submitted 5 days agoI mean, to uk moncler outlet be fair, you could accomplish the same thing just by using a faction, deadspace, or officer AB as well. These kinda fall into the same moncler outlet prices category, since the mutagens won be free, and the outcome is anything but guaranteed. The optimal rerolls, particularly for high demand modules, will command very solid price points.But ya, in general, I agree with you on moncler outlet woodbury the sentiment. What this is ultimately going to do is divide the world into mutated modules and second class modules (and only a relatively small proportion of mutations will result in worthwhile modules for that first category). Since everything is increased (or decreased) as a percentage of the base stats, mutated officer modules will still be better than mutated T2 modules, etc. So the relative power of the types will remain, there will just be a more continuous spectrum between them based on the various levels of rolls.What it will do it throw monlcer down jackets an entire bucket of wrenches into the gears of doctrine fittings for corps/alliances. You either going to have moncler uk outlet to put down instructions that your members can understand and handle themselves (eg: MWD with at least 560% speed bonus and a maximum of 190 GJ activation cost, the sum of PG between your MWD, your plate, and your neut must be 546.3 or less, and your web and scram must have at least 12km range and no more than normal T2 CPU cost), or you have to swear off abyssal module at all at the doctrine level, or you have to undergo the herculean task of searching, finding, and importing all of those doctrine compatible modules at the corp/alliance moncler womens jackets logistics level instead of at the line member level. It not going to be fun.StarkDay 1 point submitted 4 days agoYou can accomplish the same with officer/faction mods though, not best moncler jackets all the time. For example, let look at the 100mn Compact AB. It takes 563 PWG and 43 CPU. No matter how much ISK you throw at your ship, you cannot fit a 100mn AB for less CPU and moncler outlet PWG. Now what happens when you can strip, let say, moncler sale online 10% off the fitting requirement in PWG. We don even have to assume the rest of the roll was good, but just lowering that fitting cost gives you a module that takes 56 less PWG than any other variation of that module, officer or not. That opens up a massive amount of new fits, and I don think it unreasonable to assume that at least one of those fits will be too strong.What does CCP do? Nerf the module? That affects way more than just that fitting, they wouldn do that. Individually tweak what mutations you can get on that module? Maybe, but that very effort intensive and will need to be done for hundreds of modules. I don think it reasonable to assume CCP would do this. Nerf moncler online store the ship? Well now we have a similar problem to nerfing the module. And that assuming CCP even takes steps to balance this hypothetical scenario, which given their history, there no guarantee of that. This is going to cause a lot of problems that I don believe CCP is ready forStarkDay 6 points submitted 7 days agoAs I stated elsewhere, CCP can really balance the existing modules. Look at the praise CCP got when they started doing little changes to ships and how much of an effect moncler outlet online that had. Now all of a sudden, they want to remove the standardization of modules, even though tiercide was supposed to standardize modules (well, one of the purposes anyway) Everyone saying «oh no it will be fine, just wait for the stats!» are ignoring both CCP history and how Eve itself works. Small changes are massively important to modules, which is why officer mods are so expensive and it why this sub makes fun of anyone running, for example, meta 4 modules on a Titan. It not a matter of «how much are they going to change, just wait for the numbers» because CCP has had a great deal of trouble with any sort of module balance, and now they introducing random stats to those modules they can even balance.I honestly don even have a huge problem with the RNG aspect because there a certain amount of RNG in EVE already and I don see how this is any different. I do think the RNG will make it even harder to balance, but this change is going to wreak havoc on balance anyway so the RNG aspect of it really isn all that impactful.That why people are freaking out. 1 point submitted 12 days agoI agree that actions are more important than words however, judging Trump on the results of his actions, not what monclerdownjacket his policies say, he is increasing the harm done to civilians, at least as far as I can see.The subject of the initial article you posted, and the comment I wrote as followup, was civilian casualties with regard to drone strikes.Nothing you have posted indicates there has been a shift in policy around drone strikes and civilian casualties, or how the strikes are executed and resultant civilian casualty rates.I think you realized there was no case to be made with drone strikes, and this broadened you argument to overall rules of engagement and resultant civilian casualty rates.I agree, for non drone combat, activity has increased and rules of engagement loosened, resulting in more civilian casualties. I happen to believe the damage done to ISIS as a result of this is a worthwhile tradeoff, but I certainly understand how people of good faith could disagree on that.»According to areportfrom United Nations Assistance moncler usa Mission in Afghanistan documenting civilian moncler sale outlet causalities during the first half of 2017, «aerial operations» led to a «43 percent increase cheap moncler jackets mens in civilian casualties compared to the first six months of 2016, including a67 percent increase in civilian deaths.»You can find said UN report here. Warning: it a PDF download, I downloaded it and it is safe, but if you would like to access the report another way you can find it elsewhere on the site linked.